New Advancements in Using Statistical Models as Part of a Standard MEMS Design Flow
April 16, 2018
Figure 1: The MEMS-based gravimeter is comprised of a DRIE etched silicon layer which is anodically-bonded to a partially etched glass wafer
Ultra-low Resonance Frequency Mems Gravimeter With Off-resonance Closed-loop Control
May 19, 2022

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Whitepaper: A Sub-1 Hz Resonance Frequency Resonator Enabled by Multi-Step Tuning for Micro-Seismometer

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We propose a sub-1 Hz resonance frequency MEMS resonator that can be used for seismometers. The low resonance frequency is achieved by an electrically tunable spring with an ultra-small spring constant. Generally, it is difficult to electrically fine-tune the resonance frequency at a near-zero spring constant because the frequency shift per voltage will diverge at the limit of zero spring constant. To circumvent this issue, we propose a multi-step electrical tuning method. We show by simulations that the resonance frequency can be tuned by 0.008 Hz/mV even in the sub-1 Hz region. The small spring constant, however, reduces the shock robustness and dynamic range of the seismometer. To prevent this, we employ a force-balanced method in which the mass displacement is nulled by the feedback force. We show that the displacement can be obtained from the voltage that generates the feedback force.

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