Y-branch geometry and its dimensions
Effects of a Random Process Variation on the Transfer Characteristics of a Fundamental Photonic Integrated Circuit Component
September 14, 2018
8nm HP
Process Modeling Exploration for 8 nm Half-Pitch Interconnects
February 1, 2019

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Whitepaper: Innovative Solutions to Increase 3D NAND Flash Memory Density

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In the last 10 years, 3D NAND flash memory has enabled a new generation of non-volatile solid-state storage useful in nearly every electronic device imaginable. 3D NAND can achieve data densities exceeding those of 2D NAND structures, due to the relative ease of 3D integration, even when fabricated on later generation technology nodes. 3D NAND structures contain vertical channels which orthogonally pierce an alternating stacked conductor/insulator structure. Word lines are individually accessed through a staircase-like structure. This whitepaper will discuss the operating principles and manufacturing process challenges of 3D NAND structures, along with techniques to advance the data density of 3D NAND devices.

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